Winter Fever

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The John Lewis advert is out which means we have the all clear to get into full swing Christmas fever. Cable-knits, bows and fairisle is all I want to see right now, while (gluten-free) ginger spiced lattes and mince pies become the staple of my diet, which is fine because I'm going to dance it off to the sounds of Wham and The Pogues while running around the German markets searching for all things that twinkle. 

Although not traditionally Christmas music, I very recently discovered the sound of Stacey Kent and her album Hushabye Mountain which is completely magical and I can't help but slip into the festive mood when I hear her Jazzy sounds. Definitely one to add your winter playlist.

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  1. That John Lewis advert is so cute! I love the style you went for in these pictures :) xx

    1. Thank you Conny, and I know I'm so obsessed with the advert! xx

  2. Hey, the pictures are so cute! Also the John Lewis advert is amazing! I love it too!
    Plus I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award!


  3. I really enjoy the Christmas adverts. This year I'm not rocking the johnlewis advert, prefer the M&S one Lucy x

  4. I love your jumper with the little white collar, so cute! x