Welcome to R-ambler. 

I've always been a bit of a Renaissance Lady, just without all the sass and curtseys. I'm probably more Annie than Jane Austen but needless to says I have many passions. I love to write, take photographs, cook, bake, go on adventures and get muddy. Above all though, I like to create.

Growing up we're always told we have to find a path, a direction, and follow it. Well my issue was that there were a number of paths I wanted to take and no one would let me jump between all of them. Choosing a degree for me was much like a kid in a candy store scenario. I wanted to be a writer, photographer, dancer, actress, artist, cook, baker, zoo keeper, surfer...hell I even considered music although I lack all ability to tune an instrument or hit a note.

I loved to study and learn things, I love to read. But I also hated sitting down and have an endless restlessness which demands adventure, exploration and a hands-on, messy approach to everything I do.

So I settled for a degree in English Literature, yet I still never shook off my passion for all the other things I enjoy doing and as time went on I decided I needed to create a space, an outlet, for all those passions and interests to co-exist. A place that like-minded people might stumble upon and share their thoughts and feelings, and feel inspired to stray from their own set path and dig a secret tunnel around it.  

That is what R-ambler is all about. Whether it's writing stories, reading books, taking photo's, crafts or experimenting with recipes, I believe that bringing creativity to each aspect can really enhance and inspire the way you look at life.

I don't want to be disconnected to any part of my life, I want to take pleasure in every aspect and get my hands stuck in. Why can't I feel passionately about the clothes I wear, what's happening in the world and the food I eat?

This blog will showcase all my whirlwind thoughts on lifestyle, fashion, art, food and every form of creativity but it will do this with the help of one of my most favourite things; storytelling. Writing and photography are my biggest passions and therefore this is a platform where they can grow, intertwine and develop.

Everything has a story and R-ambler is about sharing those stories.

Ghandi once said;
"everything you do in life will be insignificant but it's very important that you do it"

I want to use my writing to go on a whirlwind journey of craziness, ambition and self-love in order to create something with meaning, life and creativity.

Hell, maybe one day I'll really make a difference.